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About Us

Our Philosophy

1. To Contribute to the Development of People, Society and the Economy by Maximizing Our Corporate Value
At the Nisshin OilliO Group, we consider it our mission to help make people associated with us happy and to continuously contribute to socioeconomic growth, by maximizing our value as a corporate group to customers, shareholders and employees.

2. To Tirelessly Develop a Creative and Growing Business by Seeking Out "Good Flavor, Health and Beauty"
From the perspective of a producer and of society, our core concept — the pursuit of "good flavor, health and beauty" — underpins our commitment to creating and providing new value to society through our corporate activities, including our core and peripheral businesses. Through these activities, we will remain an ever-growing and evolving corporate group.

3. To Conduct Ourselves as a Responsible Member of Global Society
The Group and its employees will carry out our responsibilities as members of modern society by proactively addressing global environmental concerns and upholding corporate ethical standards.

Our Business Domains

As a leading company in the field of edible oils, the Group has, since its founding, utilized the very best technologies to extract "the natural power of plants" and deliver it to users in three forms — good flavor, health and beauty.

In our oils business we produce home-use edible oils, edible oils for food services that are used in restaurants and cafeterias, and edible oils for processed food manufacturers that are used in mayonnaise and snack foods, among others. In our meal business we sell meal for use in livestock feed, fertilizer, and processed foods.
In this business we process oils to produce and sell margarines, shortenings and specialty fats. The Group's proprietary technologies to process edible oils yields high added-value products offering distinctive flavors and textures.
The following businesses are the core earnings drivers behind the Group's next growth phase.
  • Oils and Meal Business in China
    The Group is expanding the oils and meal business in China, where rising demand is anticipated.
  • Healthy Foods Business
    Based on the key concept of health, this business produces dressings, foods for preventing lifestyle-related diseases, nutritional foods and foods for the elderly and nursing care patients.
  • Fine Chemicals Business
    In this business the Group supplies high added-value raw materials for cosmetics, lubricating oils and other products based on "the natural power of plants."
  • Soy Foods and Materials Business
    The Group sells soy food ingredients that utilize the healthy components of soybeans, including soy protein and tofu.
Other businesses include distribution, information technology, restaurants, sales promotion and an insurance agency.
Corporate Headquarters

1-23-1, Shinkawa, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-8285, Japan
Tel: +81 (3) 3206 5005
Fax: +81 (3) 3206 6458


March 7, 1907

Fiscal Year-End



¥16,332 million

Employees (Group Total)


Directors and Corporate Auditors (As of June 28, 2011)
Chairman & Representative Director Kazuo Ogome
President & Representative Director Takao Imamura
Representative Directors
Senior Managing Officers
Fumio Imokara
Toru Morino
Susumu Watanabe
Senior Managing Officer
Yoshihito Tamura
Managing Officers
Akira Seto
Takashi Fujii
Directors Takashi Narusawa
Toshio Uehara
Standing Corporate Auditors Akio Kimura
Yoshifumi Shukuya
Corporate Auditors Shuichiro Sekine
Kenichi Araya
Managing Officers Hidetoshi Ogami
Hiroshi Itokazu
Toshio Mori
Executive Officers Shoji Kayanoma
Tomoyuki Kikuchi
Nobuaki Yoshida
Masahiko Asakura
Takahisa Kuno
Toshiaki Aoyama
Arata Kobayashi
Masahiko Oka
Masayuki Enomoto
Toshiaki Takayanagi
Yasushi Kawarasaki
Domestic Network
Company Name Capital
(Millions of Yen, except where noted)
Principal Business Ownership (%)
Settsu Oil Mill, Inc. 1,299 Manufacture, processing, distribution and sales of oils and fats and chemical products 53.9
Nisshin Shoji Co., Ltd. 99 Sales of foods, livestock feed, fertilizer and seasonal items 51.3
Nisshin Logistics Co., Ltd. 100 Harbor transport operations, warehousing, various logistics, processing and delivery business 100.0
NSP Co., Ltd. 233 Development, operation and management of computer systems on contract basis 75.9
Daito Cacao Co., Ltd. 1,586 Manufacture and sales of cocoa products for chocolates and confectioneries 60.8
Nisshin Shokai Co., Ltd. 75 Wholesale of oil and fat products and raw materials 52.0
Marketing Force Japan, Inc. 10 Marketing activities for mass merchandise; temporary staffing services 100.0
Yoko Engineering Co., Ltd. 20 Engineering and maintenance of equipment and facilities 100.0
Nisshin Finance Co., Ltd. 73 Life insurance and casualty insurance agent 100.0
The Golf Joy Co., Ltd. 10 Operation of golf practice facilities 100.0
Mogi Tofu Co., Ltd. 48 Manufacture and sales of tofu and deep-fried tofu products 100.0
Yamakiu Transport Co., Ltd.
99 Transportation, storage and loading of freight 86.0
PIETRO Co., Ltd. 474 Food business, restaurant business and online/mail-order business 20.0
Wakou Shokuhin Co., Ltd. 1,413 Manufacture and sales of seasonings and natural extracts 19.5
Saiwai Shoji Co., Ltd. 100 Sales of vegetable and animal oils and fats, detergent, chemical products, and foods 25.7
Overseas Network
Dalian Nisshin Oil Mills, Ltd. US$77,540,000 Manufacture and sales of vegetable oils and meal 78.0
Shanghai Nisshin Oil & Fats, Ltd. US$7,900,000 Bottling and sales of vegetable oils 100.0
The Nisshin OilliO (China)
Investment Co., Ltd.
US$46,537,000 Operational investment management, raw-material supply and sales in China 100.0
Intercontinental Specialty Fats
Sdn. Bhd.
RM85,860,000 Manufacture and sales of processed oil products 78.7
T. & C. Manufacturing
Co., Pte. Ltd.
S$8,577,000 Manufacture of confectionery supplies 99.9
President Nisshin Corp. NT$120,000,000 Manufacture and sales of margarines, shortenings and processed oils and fats 44.0
Zhang Jia Gang President
Nisshin Food Corp.
US$17,000,000 Manufacture and sales of margarines, shortenings and processed oils and fats 30.0
Corporate History
1907 The Nisshin OilliO Group, Ltd., was originally established under the name Nisshin Soybean Crushing Co. by Kihachiro Okura and Kyujiro Matsushita.
The name Nisshin is made up of two characters denoting Japan and China.
1918 The Company was renamed The Nisshin Oil Mills, Ltd.
1924 Nisshin Oil Mills launched Japan's first salad oil, named Nisshin Salad Oil, using highly refined soybean oil.
1963 Production was launched at the Yokohama Isogo Plant following the completion of the first stage of construction.
1988 Dalian Nisshin Oil Mills, Ltd., was established in Dalian, China.
1992 Nisshin Canola Oil was launched.
1996 BOSCO Olive Oil was launched.
2002 The Nisshin Oil Mills, Ltd., Rinoru Oil Mills Co., Ltd., and Nikko Oil Mills Co., Ltd., integrated their management to form the Nisshin OilliO Group.
The Nisshin Oil Mills, Ltd., changed its trading name and underwent a corporate demerger. This resulted in the creation of the Nisshin OilliO Group, Ltd., as a pure holding company and The Nisshin OilliO, Ltd., as an operating company.
2003 Healthy Resetta, an authorized food for specified health uses that inhibits fat uptake in the body, was launched.
2004 The Nisshin OilliO Group, Ltd., absorbed its three consolidated subsidiaries, The Nisshin OilliO, Ltd., Rinoru Oil Mills Co., Ltd., and Nikko Oil Mills Co., Ltd., marking a new start for the Group.
2007 The Nisshin OilliO Group, Ltd., celebrated its 100th anniversary.