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Business Segment Overview

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Future Directions

In accordance with the business strategies of Phase Ⅱ of the Growth 10 management vision, begun in fiscal 2010, we will reclassify our business segments from the three segments of "Oils and Meal Business," "Healthy Foods and Soy Protein Business" and "Fine Chemicals Business" to the five segments of "Oils and Meal Business," "Processed Oils and Fats Business," "Healthy Foods Business," "Fine Chemicals Business" and "Soy Foods and Materials Business."

Oils and Meal Business

We will develop the overseas business centering on China. In Japan, we will focus on value-added products to place greater emphasis on profitability, and secure stable earnings.

Processed Oils and Fats Business

We will offer food materials that meet the needs of the processed foods industry, in order to expand the scope of our business in Japan and overseas, and establish this segment as the second pillar of earnings behind the Oils and Meal Business segment.

Healthy Foods Business

We will develop the business by focusing squarely on good taste and health, and establish this segment as an earnings pillar during Phase Ⅲ of the management vision and beyond.

Fine Chemicals Business

We will designate the Chinese and European markets as focal points for growth, and seek growth to establish stable earnings for the segment.

Soy Foods and Materials Business

We will pursue full-scale market development in Japan and East Asia, building on our technological capabilities.

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